Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hauling Day

Today I got the dirt and gravel put into the garden shed. Don got a couple of scoops of dirt put in before his knee started to hurt him. He did more than he should have. Really sucks that I can't use my legs as I would like to be able to (added by Don).
I raked around the dirt Don got in first then hauled about three more bucket loads on the tractor into the shed. The first time I have ever tried to do anything like that.

I guess I didn't do to bad. Didn't break anything and it looks pretty good. After the dirt I hauled about three more bucket loads of gravel and got that raked around.

I filled it up to the bottom rail inside the shed. I know that with time it will pack down. It goes to just beneath the door.

There is a little gap under the door but not bad. Probably have mice in there this winter. Especially since I plan on moving some of the hay in here for this winter for feeding the horses.

All in all not to bad, if I do say so myself.
With a family that works together anything can be accomplished. Thank you to all of my family that helped with this project and other projects.

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