Thursday, October 10, 2013


What do you do when you have an abundance of Apples. We besides being thrilled out of your mind, you make apple sauce,  Apple chips, and Apple juice. There are most likely other uses as well, but these are the ones that we concentrate on. We just finished up getting two more Dehydrators full of apple chips on to dry.
We have already used over ten gallons of apples in drying, giving away, and eating fresh. We still have several trees to pick, this tree being the fullest. We gave our neighbor a box of about 3-4 gallons, we gave a full plastic grocery bag to our son, filled our Dehydrators twice (about 5-6 gallons). And we haven't made sauce or juice yet. 
The reason this poor tree looks so bad is that although we thinned the fruit this spring, we were not able to get to the center of the tree. Well the storms started before harvest and a couple of center branches came crashing down. You can sort of see them hanging on the lower left of the tree. We decided since the branches were not completely broken off, we would leave them to ripen.
Lesson learned; make sure to thin all of the tree of fruit!
OK, I may have been mauled by the girls a little last week, and of course I hated every minute, hey it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!


  1. What a delicious predicament! I have been gifted with lots of apples and my one old tree was loaded this year. Like you, I have dried, sauced and am now making apple mincemeat. Love, love, love apples!

  2. An apple a day, as they say... I don't think anyone can get too many. It's a dark and lonely job taking care of all the apples, but hey someone has to do it.....LOL. Even with a bad knee I can sit and put apples onto the dehydrator trays.
    Susan I really love reading your blogs, just fun!