Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grizzly and Star's Barn

Finally got the G-boy's barn finished with the help of our neighbor. Since Don hurt his knee he hasn't been able to do much and has really slowed things down as far as getting the fall projects done before the rain's start. This barn being one of them.
We got the greenhouse plastic up around the outside for light like a window but will help hold the rain out. This should at least let the g-boys have some light in the winter when it is raining and they don't want to be outside.

The new feeder we build is just right for them and as you can see, Grizzly was in a hurry to see what it was.

He really likes his new feeder and took right to it.

On each side we put on the new bicarb and mineral feeders Don put together last summer using pvc pipe. It really works well.

Grizzly found it right away and started eating the minerals like they were going out of style. He also found the bicarb feeder but only tasted it. Star on the other hand has been a little standoffish not sure what the big thing is.

Then he discovered there was food in it and as you can see he really got into it.

From the top down.

All in all I think the boys are really going to like the improvements we made to their home.
I think maybe next summer a new coat of paint.

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