Saturday, October 5, 2013


Our son, D.J. has been here helping us get things built that we have wanted for some time. The first thing was an area of covered Hay storage. We actually started building this area a couple of years ago, but then didn't get finished the first year and was then used for the pigs earlier this year. Well it is finally done (OK, not quite). I still need to build a little shed under the roof at the far end in order to keep my air compressor and dust collector out of the shop area. But it really looks good now.
 Janice and I had spread gravel in this are prior to the roof going up.
This will be a nice area where we can unload the hay onto pallets and run them in under the nice dry area. 
Our ladders will be stored on hooks on the wall like the one in the picture.
This is the 10x12 garden shed D.J. is now building for us. This took a lot of fill dirt and gravel in order to get the floor up to grade. 
This is going to be a real help by holding all of our garden tools, empty flower pots, Peat Moss and other gardening stuff. Things are coming along nicely, D.J. Thinks he will have the sheathing on it today. He already has most of the flake board on the roof and has started putting the T-111 on the sides (not pictured yet).
 This picture was taken when I was first able to get outside today.
This picture was taken at the same time by my lovely wife Janice. D.J is farther along in the process now so we will update this later.
 Front View.
The Garden shed is coming along very nicely. I am happy, happy, happy!

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