Friday, July 19, 2013


This week was extremely busy. We started by picking our Current and Josta Berries. We got about five gallons of clean berries, which we juiced with our MEHU-LIISA 10L (Swedish Steam Juicer) and ended up with 2.5 gallons of finished juice.

One of our neighbors called and said they were away from home and asked that we pick their Raspberries, so they wouldn't go to waste or draw in a bear. We ended up getting about one and a half gallons of berries, and after eating lots we got one half gallon of great juice. Understand this juice is not that wimpy juice like you buy at the store, this juice could be watered down three or four times, but we like the straight juice.

Last evening we went to the local Bee association Meeting, so milked late (after 10:00 pm. Today we went through our Bee Hives, top to bottom frame by frame, they are looking great, should be able to rob one hive in about two weeks.

Later in the day we picked a couple gallons of cherries, Yum. We still have a couple of trees to pick, and we had been nibbling on them for a few days already. Actually all of our fruit trees are loaded this year after getting our Bee Hives, Pollination helps.
We still need to thin the Apple trees and Pear trees, these small immature fruit will also be juiced. Last year the thinned apples amounted to one and a half feed bags, which juiced made several gallons of really good Apple juice.

OK, I finally dug out some juice to take pictures of, the jar on the left is sweetened Apple juice from the little green fruit when I thinned the trees. The center jar is some of the Current/Josta berry juice, and the jar on the right is of Rhubarb. All juiced with the Swedish Steam Juicer, it works great

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