Friday, July 5, 2013

First Step Done

Well the first step is done except for the clean up of the weeds. I will be loading them into the tractor bucket and hauling them down to the dump site. Now it is ready for the laying of the blocks. I will have Don haul them down with the forks on the tractor.
Hey what do you know there really is a garden in there. If you look in the last post about half way down you can see what this garden looked like before the above picture.

The broccoli looks ready to eat.

The cabbage is growing nicely. Should do better now that the weeds aren't getting all the sun, nutrients and water.

 The picture below is actually asparagus. I had planted some about two years ago, then last spring I planted some root stalk and also started some seed. I heard it was hard to start and get planted but so far it looks like they are all doing well, especially now the they are freeeeeee.

 You can almost see them above. the oldest ones are the ones you can see the best.

Above is a picture of some fennel that I planted last year and didn't harvest and I sure wish I did. When it goes to seed it goes everywhere and plants start up like dill. I will be hanging it upside down in the basement where it is cool and dry to let it dry out. I will then grind it and put it in a jar to use in my cooking. It is really good fresh in salads also.


  1. Your garden looks marvelous! I am trying to be generous in my relationship to my dill. I love it and wanted it, and planted it on purpose. It doesn't seem fair, now, to be cursing it because it's spreading throughout the garden!

  2. We also planted it on purpose, but as they say in the Master Gardeners, "a weed is only a plant where it should not be". And Our Dill was a lot of places it should not have been...LOL.