Monday, July 22, 2013


We let the little girls out to eat this evening since they seem to be adapting quite well to their new environment.
In this picture they had just finished eating there evening meal and were just milling around getting use to the surroundings.

Then Petunia decided it was time to jump and run. She ran and slid into the door a couple of times but was having great fun.

Then it was stand off time between Rosie and Petunia. Who is going to run and jump first?

Then Rosie decided to run, jump and play too. What fun. They got plenty of exercise this evening. Tomorrow we will try to take them outside in the pasture for a bit for more fresh air and exercise. Hopefully the sun will be shinning and warm again like today.

After playing a bit they decided to start checking out the hay that was laying around. They are to young to eat yet but they did taste a couple of bites.


  1. I love Jerseys - they are so lovely! And what a darling pair of calves you have. I foresee lots of milk in your future...

  2. They are both really sweet. I don't know what I am going to do with them. If I breed them I will have way more milk than I can use. Although I have thought of just breeding them for the babies and let the babies drink the milk until they are grown then let the cows dry up. Still not sure. We originally got them because we had way too much goat milk and needed to do something with it. I guess time will tell.