Sunday, July 21, 2013


We just took our two hogs in for butcher last week. We actually let them go a little long as the estimated live weight was 350 pounds each. They were milk, greens, and grain fed so should be good eating.
The above picture is of the two hogs about a month prior to butcher.
Today we went and retrieved a couple of Jersey calves. Nice little heifers, still need milk for a while and trained to halter and lead.
Today we picked up the fresh meat from the hogs, both weighed in the 250 pound range, hanging weight. We still need to pick up the cured meat in a couple of weeks.
 Both of the new girls are settling in today. They are licking their lips thinking it's dinner time.
The calf with the yellow chain is "Rosie", she was born June 30, 2013. The calf with the green chain is "Petunia", and was born July 2nd, 2013. 
Both of the little ones seem to like being loved on and petted.

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