Monday, January 30, 2012


Unfortunately Martha, Janice's mom, had some health issues and Janice along with my oldest son went down to Lodi to be with her and help care for Emil (her dad). The last word I got were that things are looking up for Martha, thank the Lord. Anyway this puts me back into bachelor mode.
I got out the Guitar and lesson plan and have been trying to pick up on this instrument again. The last time I worked on the guitar, I was doing better when Janice went to Washington, but that time I ended up breaking my hand, which by the way, I wouldn't advise. I have the animals here to care for which helps, and is the reason I didn't go down with her. But I can sure tell the animals miss her being around, probably almost as much as I do. Dancer is off her feed a little, the goats are bleating in protest, and Janice's cat, Taffy, has been just mopping around. When I was younger or when Janice is around now, I don't have a problem finding things I want to do, though this becomes tougher when you start to age. Things just aren't quite as pleasant when someone you've spent so many years with is away, even when I know it's just temporary. I have lots of stuff I could do , mind you, but the motivation just isn't there. I have practiced my guitar (I suck at it), and I did go out in the shop and whip together a boot jack, yesterday.
  That was self survival, I couldn't get my mucks off any other way. I was determined I was not going to spend the night in my mucks!
Kim, Dancer's last owner asked to come up today, and of course she is welcome. I think Dancer will still retain the bond they had, and it would be good for her.
 Well Kim and her friend Samantha have come and gone. Dancer remembered Kim but was certainly missing Janice.
Dancer came over to me for some loves, maybe the meeting might have been a little confusing for Dancer. Kim bailed off when Dancer headed out of her stall.
I have tried to spread my animal loven around, but it is still not the same.

 I suppose this is just to say I dislike bachelor mode after being married to Janice going on 42 years.

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