Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Calf Pen

We got the walls up on the calf pen today. Most of it is done, all we have to do is put the rolled roofing on and paint when the weather permits. This little pen started out to be the pheasant pen but when the raccoon got the pheasant it stopped the work.

Now that we are getting a calf on Monday we needed to get it finished. This has been a project in process for a while and am glad that it is about done. Seems that there is always something that needs building or repairing and can't seem to always find the time to do the necessities.

This winter has been so mild that we have been able to finish up projects that we got started last summer. I am really enjoying the weather but hope it will rain and turn winter soon as I am afraid the fruit trees will start growing before their time. We also need the water. Living up here on the mountain, we depend on the water in the crags and cracks of the rocks from the rain. Our pond is full right now but drains quickly down the hill.

Will post some pictures of the new pen and calf when it gets here. Not looking forward to the extra work but enjoy the animals and they are so cute when so small.

Until next time. Hope all have a great evening.

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