Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hurricane weather

That was quite the storm that blew through last week or so. Winds up to 110/114 miles per hour. We are so fortunate to be tucked in beside the mountain, most of it blew past us. Although our poor greenhouse was not quite so lucky. It blew several of the panels out and damaged 3 or 4 of the vents. Literally blew them apart. We are going to have a lot of repair to do before we can start using the greenhouse this spring. Hope the weather permits. I guess that is what we get for not finishing the caulking in the panels and tying down the vents with some sort of latches  when we had the chance.
It is suppose to rain and storm off and on all week. I wonder of it will clear up enough to allow us to fix the greenhouse before the planting season is upon us. I will need to start my tomato seed and other plants soon. Next month if possible. I really enjoyed my veges last year. Hope this season is as blessed as last year. Lots of planning to do for the gardens.
I will try to keep up with my posts as I progress in my gardens this year. We have lots of plans for some new garden beds, now if the weather will cooperate Don can do the digging that needs to be done. Then we can get started the building the new beds.
Stay tuned

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  1. I had the same problem with the wind and my greenhouse. We were supposed to have gusts of 45 mph, which are really nothing major around here. I'm positive our gusts were wayyyyy above that.