Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well you remember a few days ago when I built a contraption to hook my trailer to my tractor, Well things didn't go exactly as expected.
 Firstly I attached the hitch to the bucket and the trailer, and it looked as though it would work great, then all of a sudden the hitch came off the tractor.
Now what, when I checked, I had to remove it from the trailer and saw that the flat bar on the bottom had bent, a lot!
So to the shop we go and straighten as good as I can in the vise. Now what can I do to prevent this from happening again? Blinding flash, I will use the Left over flat bar to weld on sideways to stop any bending, that will work for sure.
The picture now that it's repaired does not do it justice, it had to be at least 45 degrees!
After taking care of this I was back out at the trailer and things again looked great, then all of a sudden, SNAP, the contraption broke off the tractor bucket. When I got it off to look over, I found the entire bottom bar that I had just straightened and added a stiffener to broke at the welds, ARG! off to the shop again. I ground the edges all of the way around and mega welded the pieces back together.

Back to the trailer, I wish I had a picture of that, I had the trailer wheels off the ground and the trailer was sitting on the rear of the trailer up the neighbor's hillside, and on the tongue jack. Precarious at best. looking at it made the hair on my neck stand up, it was that ugly, tongue and tractor on the downhill end. I finally got everything back together again and succeeded in moving the trailer like I had intended, Just took a little longer to iron out the bugs, like most of the day.

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