Friday, February 17, 2012


We got started repairing the greenhouse today. The reason for the damage was a storm in the recent past during which we got winds over 100 miles per hour. The damage included four polycarbonate panels blowing out, and four vents being torn up pretty badly. Oh, the white on the roof of the house is residual snow, a little dropped on us last night.
 As you can see from the pictures the vent frames were bent and pulled apart.
 This pic shows the one panel that was pulled out of the door
 I took several pictures showing the damage to the roof vents. Unfortunately we will need to build new replacements as the originals are too torn up to repair, although we saved the polycarbonate panels from the vents.
 The vent openers did not escape unscathed. Several will need to be either replaced or repaired.
 The corner pictured above and below had panels missing on both the front and end, as well as another panel in the center of the back.
 Janice replaced most of the panels today and I was helping with the caulking and moving the ladders. We now have the two sides and front of the greenhouse, as well as the roof panels caulked in place. We still need to caulk the rear panels and the vents as we re-build them.
 The caulking we are using, we really like. It stays flexible and is very clear, even if it gets wet.
We are getting this done in between storms so we can get the garden seeds started, time is running out.

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