Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back together again

We finally got the vents to the greenhouse repaired and put back up into place. We were very lucky, only one of the four that had been blown apart was really damaged badly and needed repair. The rest just need to be put back together and the panels put back in. This time we made double sure that all the nuts were extremely tight and the we caulked all around the panel to make sure they were in place and hopefully attached enough to not blow apart again. Don got all the automatic openers repaired and I got all the vents and openers put back into place. This was not an easy task as I needed to use our 10' orchard ladder to do it.
I also got the heat mats put into place and built a makeshift cage out of 1/2" hardware cloth to fit into one of the beds. Last year we had mice eating the seeds and the new seedlings that were emerging before they had a chance to grow. So my thought was a cage and hopefully it will help. I don't want to have to replant over and over again like I did last year. I am getting a late start this year and not really liking that. With my mom having her stroke really set me back. She is on the mend and her and my dad may be moving in with us so I really need to concentrate on my gardens this year to produce lots of food for the four of us.
I sure do enjoy my gardens and greenhouse when they are in working order. Love to dig in the dirt, and can't wait to get started again. I think I got that from my dad.

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