Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well really didn't get too much done today. I picked up the five saw chains I had,had sharpened, and installed two of them on my saws. I made sure the fuel and bar oil were filled during this process. Did a little (very little) clean up in the shop.
While I was doing the saws, Janice baited the large live trap, and after I was done with the saws, we took the trap down by the old shallow well, where something had killed a couple of ducks, and set it, hoping to catch something.
After this and moving some logs and brush around the pasture, we came up, and started installing blocks to hold braces between the corral corner posts, and the second posts.
Janice brought Dancer up to the carport AKA stall for the night. We brought her up early as it started to rain.

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