Saturday, October 8, 2011

Making progress

Well the weather finally broke enough for us to get some work done on the corral and barn. As you can see we got all the bracing done on the fence. All that is left now is to put the wire up and the gates.

It is starting to look promising for a nice place to put Dancer.

Below, you can barely see the cornor stakes for the barn.

The stakes can be seen a bit better in this picture.

Yeah, got the post holes dug and the posts placed. The posts were very heavy but with the help of the tractor we were able to get them in.

Just another view.

and another view.

Here you can see Don using the tractor to install the first beam. He wouldn't let me help. He didn't want me to get hurt. I felt useless at this point.

So I decided to start taking pictures. I am really happy with the work we accomplished today.

Don worked really hard to get this first beam up.

It is getting closer.


All that is left now is to finish putting in the lag bolts to hold the beam in place.

A few more twists of the ratchet.

All right cinched down now.

OK the first beam is in place. It sure was nice to have a nice day to get so much done.
Tomorrow the front beam. This one is going to be a bit harder as it is going to have to go higher. Not looking forward to this one. Wish us luck.

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