Tuesday, January 22, 2013


You have to get done what you can in between storms, So Janice and I have been working our back sides off, Mostly Janice. As you can see from the first picture I started digging down the area between the Filberts and the River Rock Wall. While doing this project we moved the Bartlet Pear back against the bank at the back edge of the driveway.
 I will have to replace some soil back into this area, but want to grind three stumps, remove rocks, and mix in a liberal amount of Compost also. We intend on putting a stack block wall along the back to cover the raw dirt edge by the filberts, almost all the way to the greenhouse.
After moving the Pear tree and thinking "hey not too bad of a job it has a good chance to survive." we decided to move the tree that was supposed to be a Yellow Delicious, but turned out to be a Granny Smith, back just over from the Pear we had just moved.
 Dig the tree out, being careful not to dig up the drain field!
 Dig the new hole, big hole!
Install tree in new location. Unfortunately I scuffed up the apple more than I did the Pear, but I hope they both survive. We are planning on lining the back edge of thee driveway with fruit trees. We have several small trees in pots in the greenhouse. About five Freedom Apples and one more Asian Pear.
Well looks like all went well, now to see if they survive. My eldest son DJ moved a large Apricot from here in Gold Beach clear over to his yard in Grants Pass, and it survived well, only time will tell.
They look pretty good in their new locations. As if this wasn't enough work  We (Janice did Most) also pruned all of the rest of the fruit trees which had been neglected for a couple of years, and the Kiwi which thought it needed to make up time for being in the pots so long, last year

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