Thursday, January 31, 2013


Janice and I got the chipper hooked to the back of the truck today and started chipping the leavings from all of our pruning this spring. there was a lot of pruning as we had neglected getting it done for at least a couple of years. We had piles of brush sitting all over the place, but then what do I expect with over seventeen fruit trees, the Kiwi's, the Currents and Josta Berries, and the Blue Berries, oh, I forgot the Filbert Trees. It's going to get worst I just planted fifty more Filberts into hedges this year.
 This stuff will go very well in the compost pile.
This is about a half of the pruning's that needed to be chipped. We plan on moving the truck tomorrow in order to finish. After we get the chipping done we need to spray all the trees and berries with Lime Sulphur to try to stop any fungal issues. We had some pretty bad fungal stuff going on last summer, which didn't help the fruit production last year


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    1. Thank You Very much!!!I really enjoy your Blog also, I like people with good common sense.