Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have finally finished the flower picture I was embroidering. I started it last winter and got a ways on it then Spring sprung and I had other, more important stuff to do, like work in the yard and garden. Growing our own stuff is always more important and more fun. Especially if you like to dig in the dirt like I do. Anyway, back to the picture. I picked it up again this winter and finally finished it just after the first of the year. It was fun to do , but I still have to build a frame for it and get it framed and hung. Don will probably do most of that but I enjoy wood working also and will help where I can. Now that it is finished I can start on another project. I will probably pick out something and get it in my sewing basket and ready for winter.

I think this kind of stuff is slowly going away. It use to be women and some men really enjoyed doing this kind of stuff. It was common and now the computer age is here and our children are more involved with electronics than hand work. I wish I could get my grandchildren involved with it but they too are more involved with electronics. Maybe some day they will want to learn.

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