Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Garden

Well do you remember the Oak trees that we had cut down a while back. Don and a young man we hired for the day moved them up into the driveway for use. We did use a couple of them for a new garden bed along the back side of the driveway which backs up to the forest.

He moved them into place and then loaded the bed up with compost. I spent the day moving the compost around in the bed.

Then I dug the Echinacea flowers up from a shady location because they weren't doing very well there and transplanted them into this new garden bed that gets a bit more sunshine.

 I think everything is going to do very well now and I really like the way it turned out.

This is a different view of the garden. Looks good and ready to start producing stuff for us. I am going to plant some cabbage in this garden and see how it does this year.

The figs are doing really well this year. This is the most figs we have had on this tree yet. It is still a young tree.

My potatoes are doing really well also. I sure like the new 4x4 beds we put in last year. Sure makes room for more growing. We put wire mesh under these beds to keep the rabbits, voles and moles from getting the potatoes.

 I had to take a picture of the Wisteria because it is blooming so nice now.

 The top picture is a top view of the Viburnum Metafile plant that I had shown you in an earlier post.

 My peonies are getting ready to bloom. I put one strand of twine around them in hopes of helping to hold the blooms up because they are so big that the stems can't hold them up by themselves. I hope one strand will be enough.

 Last but not least I had to share a picture of my Azalea now blooming. I love the flowers around my yard and it is so nice when you can hear and see the bees working.

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