Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today was a very nice day here, sun shining, helped the neighbor move a tree for him to use as a side on a garden bed, a little on the cool side with a slight breeze blowing, but all in all a very enjoyable day. This first picture is of some flowers from bulbs that came out of my deceased mother's yard. They are related to the hyacinth, but I find the way they bloom interesting, They send up a spear, and then the blooms open from the bottom to the top over a span of time.
 This second is of some of the Allium blooms from bulbs my cousin sent me. I love these things the ball of flowers is as high as my head.

 I had to take this one to show my cousin that indeed there are six not just four blooms.
 I also liked this photo as it has the Calla Lilly's to the forefront, then on the lattice some Jasmine, going down to an azalea in bloom, and at the bottom of what I wanted to capture, a Viburnum Meta-file. 
 I strolled down the upper drive and the Torch Lilly's caught my eye. In this shot I tried to line up the Red Hot pokers, then some red flowering currents in back and farther along.
 This shot is still on the upper drive, I liked it because the Filberts framed the Viburnum Mete-file very well.

This last shot I came closer for, shows an Azalea about to burst bloom in front of the Mete-file.

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