Thursday, April 30, 2015

Almost Complete

 We finally got the wings to the gate that was installed about a month ago. Don and I worked on them for a couple of days. Was a bit of a challenge but we did it. I think it looks great. Now we need to purchase the gate opener for it and have it installed if possible.

 We planted a couple of native ferns on the outside of the gate and it really set it off. We have some plants in the yard that we will be moving also. Inside the gate next to the wings we will be building a triangle shape raised bed and we will be planting a Wigalia on each side next to the wings and in front of those we have some Agapanthas that will go in. They bloom at different times so I think it will look really nice. Will take more pictures as we proceed.

The picture above are some Carnealian Cherry (Dogwoods) that were planted in some tiles that we had put in the yard years ago. We decided to move them into the pasture where the Oak trees were that we had fallen because they were getting bad at the bottom. As you can see by the gate, one fell this last winter and really did some damage. Gonna use the Oak trees for raised beds in a different part of the yard. The goats really like the Dogwood so we had to do something to protect the trunks from their little mouths. That is why the trees look like they have stripes on the trunks.

 This picture is one of the tiles that one of the Dogwood trees was planted in. When we took out the tree we moved the Davidii in. We had this planted in the center garden in the yard. It looks good here and gave me more gardening space. I can always use more garden space. Means more home grown food.
 I did get some of my garden planted today also. This is the corn I had started in the greenhouse. I did that last year and it really extended my growing season for corn. We don't get a lot of hot weather here for as long as the corn needs it to grow and develop. I also planted some sunflowers with the corn and some squash plants along the front edge.

I had to take a picture of the Viburnum Metafile in full bloom. I really like it. It is such a different plant. I am not sure how tall it will get, but if it reaches the deck it won't hurt my feelings. In the back ground you can almost see the Wisteria coming to life. It will be in full bloom soon. Our bees are soooooo happy....

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