Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Visit

Our oldest son and his family came to visit this weekend. What a nice visit. His oldest daughter, 14, helped me a whole lot this weekend. She helped me clean out the chicken coop and the bucks pen which was really bad.

She worked really hard, then we took some time in the afternoon and went for a ride. That was a chore in it self since the horses hadn't been ridden  since last summer. We had fun any way. 

My youngest granddaughter,4, starting picking dandelions for me and she left me this beautiful center piece. In the first picture that was the finished product. In the second picture she added a daisy to the mix because mom said it wouldn't last until they got home.

We had a wonderful weekend with them here and ended with a beautiful work of art. Took pictures to preserve for another day of memories.


  1. What a joy your granddaughters must be! And how wonderful for them to have you and your wife and your lovely homestead - with so many things to do!

  2. Thank you Susan, yes they are both a great joy in our lives. The oldest one is 15 today and when she comes she is such a big help. We like to ride together. The youngest, 4, is full of energy and keeps us going