Sunday, June 29, 2014

Family Visit

Don's twin brother came to visit us for a week and the first day Don had him working. First time Richard got to play on the tractor here and he was loving it. In this picture he was turning the compost pile.
He was really getting into it, lots of concentration here. Gotta make sure it is done right. This wasn't the last time he drove the tractor he has since helped me move hay as well.

The next day they worked on the auger, trying to put it back together. Some bolts were missing and it needed a lot of help.  It is now working great and ready to be put to work, which we have lots for the auger to do.

Then they went to work in the shop building a solar bees wax melter. Don is showing the melter open and just about done.

They did a great job getting it put together. Now all that needs to be done is the painting. Black on the inside to help absorb the heat and dark green on the outside.

Can't wait to try it out. We have so much bees wax standing by from the honey we extracted last year and wax we have collected from the hives during the inspection of the hives. Removal of unwanted comb etc. 
All in all we had a great visit.


  1. Love those beards. I would have spent all day on the tractor. So much fun just moving stuff around. Got to love how these older guys can just put stuff together. I was only talking to my husband this morning (mid 50's) and wondering what the hell will we all be doing when this generation of trades people retire. There are no tech schools anymore and no one can afford to put on apprentices (though i have two in my factory). I guess everything will just be throw away.

  2. Yes, all you need is men and machinery! Looks like everyone had a ball - and LOTS got done!