Friday, August 9, 2013


This week and next we have two of our Grand daughter's, Tasha and Cassie, here with us. They are learning to do the chores, so that the following week while their dad is here, they can do chores for us while we are gone. The second day they were here grandma and Tasha went on a ride to Frog Lake and on the way down flash stumbled and ran down the hill and then got spooked and started bucking and rearing up an Tasha fell off. Then flash took off up the hill and they both got scratches and bumps. But the good thing was neither were hurt and Tasha got right back on which was good for both her and the horse. The girls like spending time with the animals, mostly the horses.
Dancer was acting very good for Cassie.
 Natasha was lounging around on Flash.
 Everybody LOUNGING!

 The horses were ok with the girls riding bare back with only the halters on for several days.
 Flash is still a little sore from his mis-adventure a couple of days ago.

The girls also needed some pictures to post to face book.
Thus far the girls have practiced some Piano, and Violin, played a lot of computer games, as well as played with the animals and did the chores. Cassie has been getting a lot of driving practice, with myself and Janice, when we go to and from town. Janice and I love having the girls around.

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