Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The visit with our grand daughters has been going well, lots of animal interaction, computer games and face book, gardening and oh yes both of the girls have discovered photography. They really like using my SLR and thus far have amassed over three hundred photo's in just three days.
Tasha spends a little more time on trying composition, Cassie will learn. This is not to say Cassie does badly, on the contrary, Cassie has a lot of natural talent as demonstrated below.

Tasha takes the experience much more seriously and really does look at composition with imagination and ingenuity.

I am really impressed, and of course I am not biased just because I'm their grand father.


  1. Wonderful photographs! It's obvious that both girls have a natural talent for it - the flower pix, bees and horse photos are stunning!

  2. Thank you Susan! I told the girls and they were excited you liked them.
    Both of the girls tell us they want to live here with us but their dad says NO. They both love the animals and the gardening.