Thursday, August 22, 2013


Janice and I along with our youngest son and his two kids got a week away from the homestead. This would not have been possible without our oldest son and two of his daughters. Natasha and Cassandra spent a couple of weeks here prior to our leaving learning how to care for the animals and getting to know them. As you can see below they got to be comfortable with the horses, very comfortable.
 Cassie and Tasha Rode the horses quite a bit while here.
 Bare back was more comfortable!
DJ our oldest son and his youngest daughter came and stayed while we were gone. While here he did all kinds of things, keeping busy, that are much appreciated.
We first went down to Lodi California to visit Janice's parents. Janice's mom had a stroke a little over a year ago and we wanted to see them. Lodi is a pretty town although way too many people for me.
 This is the newer Lodi Arch.
 This is the older Lodi Arch, that's been around since before I can remember.
 The old Lodi Train Station is still in use.
This is new to the old station.
We left Lodi and drove to Christmas Valley Oregon in northern Lake county. We had purchased ten acres there a couple of years ago and wanted to get started with a development plan. While there we visited the "Crack in the Ground", which was not only interesting but a welcome relief from the heat which was in the ninety's but a dry heat so not terribly uncomfortable .
 This is where the trail starts into the Crack.
 Janice and Madison at the beginning of the Crack.
 Bobby and Madison down a little way.
 Madison getting deeper, and the temperature is cooling down.
 There were areas that closed in a little.
 Other areas were wide open and at points go seventy feet deep.
 This Crack was through an old Lava flow, so the rock formation was interesting in shape and design.
Our youngest son Jon, felt exceedingly strong that day.
We returned to the motel and went through some pretty country and capped the day with a beautiful sunset.
 The Juniper trees here are not tall but can be quite gnarled, this is a good representation of our property there. 
The trip was a very good one, oh but how nice to be home again!
OK, so I used a couple of old pictures.


  1. How nice to be able to get away for a while! Your granddaughters are lovely! I rely on my middle sister to farm sit for me but, with her busy schedule, my get-aways are few and far between. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Thank You. We are very proud of all of our grandchildren. They help us out a lot. Our getaways are few and far between also, but that is the price one pays to live on a homestead.