Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall is coming ----

Got up this morning and it felt like fall is on the way. We had our first rain August 26 and it wet things down quite well. It is now 50 degrees outside and a slight breeze blowing. I am not quite ready for fall or winter yet as we really didn't have much of a summer here. I think we may have had about a week of 80 degree weather and that is about it. It usually stays around 60 to 70 degrees here during the summer months but this year not so much. My gardens have had a really hard time getting started and with the cool weather starting I hope they can finish growing.
We still have firewood to cut and split for the winter, need to finish filling the wood shed, and other projects that need tending to before the rains really start. God willing, we will be able to accomplish all that needs tending to.
My prayers go out to those in other parts of our great United States who have had extreme heat or hurricanes. Even though we have not had the extremes here on the Oregon Coast, life has been difficult for us as well. We don't get the heat needed to grow gardens or too much rain to have anything really grow or get pollinated to grow.
All in all we try our best to do what we can with the circumstances given us.
My trust is always in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to provide and protect us in all things and in all ways.
I pray all who read our blog will have a great day.

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