Friday, September 21, 2012


You take a bucket full of really ripe Tomatoes, one small Basil Plant, Leaves stripped, a bunch of Organic Carrots, ground up, a bunch of Organic Celery ground up, 5 Bell peppers fresh out of the greenhouse, 5 Pablano Peppers fresh out of the greenhouse, two large Organic Yellow Onions, one branch of fresh Oregano, leaves stripped, two tables spoons of Raw Honey, a handful of fresh Organic Garlic Cloves, half cup Lemon Juice, two and a half teaspoons of Black Pepper, one table spoon of Pickling Salt. one large Cucumber juiced. Clean and trim everything appropriately, cook down until everything is tender, then run it all through the Vita-Mix until smooth, then pressure can in quart jars at 10 pounds of pressure for thirty minutes. WOW, what GREAT VEGETABLE COCKTAIL
YEAH BUDDY! If you like Vegetable Juice Cocktail, this a just a little piece of heaven. This picture is before canning of course. Oh I forgot there was also three quarters teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper added as well.

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