Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two more projects

Our youngest son, who is on vacation from school right now, came down last week to help us do some of the projects we wanted to get done before this winter hit. So we got started with two of the projects on our list
Don and Jon got the holes dug in a day and got the first post in.

Then the three of us got the rest of the posts in. What a job. The 6X6's were 12 feet long and a real bugger to get set.

 I think we did a pretty good job of it though.
They look pretty straight to me.
It took us a couple of days getting this done because Jon had to remove the facial board from off the roof of the shop before we could get started. Don and I are planning on finishing out the roof all the way to the beams to make a covered storage for hay behind the shop.

Then on to the second project, which we had started last year already.


Jon got on the tractor and got down to the paddock where he and Don hauled out some large logs. There were 3 large pieces about the size in the photo shown above. Then Jon started to rake the whole paddock down while Don and I picked up the rock and debris from when we had this area logged and cleared of the roots.

In the picture at the bottom is an area that had a big dip in it and Don and Jon got it raked around to fill in the dip. It is really looking good.

Now all we have to do is section off the horse stalls with some electric net fencing and then plant the whole paddock with seed for pasture. Then water, water, water. Hope it comes up quick so the rains this year won't wash what we have done away.

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