Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We finally got the buck pen finished. We finished it last night and got the guys separated from the girls.

The little guys are eating some of the hay we put in this morning.

Although they aren't so little any more.

Needless to say Grizzly wasn't very happy when we took him away from the girls, but it needed to be done  because he is starting to get stinky and that is a sign of breeding season to begin.

This little guy is looking for his momma. He was a mommas boy in the worst way. Wouldn't leave her side.

They are all still wondering what the heck happened. They are all crying to beat the band. We had to apologize to the neighbors for all the racket that they have been putting on.

All should be well in a couple of days when all realize that this is the way it is.

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