Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I enjoyed the day today by first working on the stall / hay storage. We then went to the fairgrounds to watch and learn a little as Nova was working with Dancer, interesting to say the least. Nova started out by lunging Dancer. Dancer didn't want to get into a lope, but her trot seems to be very smooth. Nova then laced the lunge line through the surcingle (probably misspelled) and worked on driving. Dancer has a little problem with moving straight, but Nova is patient and Dancer is making progress.
Nova worked with Dancer around some flags sewn to a lone line and with a blue tarp type sign, Dancer did wonderful, made me very happy.

After this we went home and again worked on the stall. We ended up getting the roof flashing put up at the front edge of the roof and corner flashing's on the front corners.
We finished the caulking and installing most of the 1x4s on the vertical seams, check it out in the pictures above and below,

I think the first thing tomorrow we will try to get paint on the bare wood on the outside.

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