Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, we got Dancer settled in down at the fairgrounds last evening. We went down today and spent some time with her and groomed her. The pictures below are after being brushed good, She was really, really, dirty, as she loves to roll, which she had done quite a lot.

Dancer is hamming for the camera!

Dancer really liked the attention, getting brushed and scratched and walked around. She got the dreamy eyes!

As you can tell we weren't able to remove all of the mud from her chest / tummy.
Presently the stall/hay storage is completely enclosed at this point.

We have almost all of the kick boards up in the stall, and I have started filling the floor to raise it, so the rain water doesn't run through.
There are still some details to complete, like paint and finishing the flashings as well as the 1x4's over the vertical seams.

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