Friday, April 8, 2016


Well I tried six Cleft Grafts last year, only one out of six were successful. I know that this is a low percentage graft, but I think some of the failures must have been because of something I did or did not do. 
Also, we had to move an apple tree and some roots made small unknown trees, so like any determined gardener, I re-potted them.
This spring, actually just the other day. I grafted these small trees. most were grafted with the purchased tool, but I did do two whip grafts. Three of the little trees were already grown into small branched trees, and with these I top worked, or in other words did multiple grafts, on the smaller branch wood The pictures below are some of the grafts That I just completed about a week or so ago.

All of other grafts look to be taking thus far, I grafted them all to honey crisp, just because I like that variety. The large tree in the yard that was a Spartan appears to have those grafts taking hold also.
. I will try to keep everyone updated.

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