Saturday, April 16, 2016


Well, a week ago tomorrow our last nanny kidded, giving us another little buck baby. That is three bucks and one doe this year. 
He didn't really choose the best time to be born as it was stormy and nasty, he was born just outside the door, and with all of the people coming and going as our eldest son and his family were here over the weekend. Meg, the mom, didn't have a good chance to bond with the baby until Monday.  Our youngest grand daughter loved being able to see the new baby and hold it, but we were all very worried that at first the baby and mom were not bonding and the rest of the herd were picking on Meg. 
But mom and baby are now bonded he is growing and even traveling down to the pasture with the other goats.
 Meg and new baby
 Meg keeps good track of her baby now and is yelling for him most all day.
 Momma and baby just hanging out in the sun.
 This is a picture of Brownie, her two babies this year and the two first year nannies which were Brownie's little ones last year, Ginger and Meg, and of course the new baby.
 Ghost is our oldest goat, who we retired last fall when she was done milking. Ghost is also the mother of Brownie, who is the mother of Meg and Ginger.
This is Ginger's little boy from this year. He was the first baby we had born this year.

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