Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bee's, Bee's and more Bee's

The weather was so nice today I was able to go out and check our two bee hives. I was so happy to find both doing very well. The Carniolan hive is doing much better than the new hygienic hive. The hygienic hive is the one that got attacked by the bear, so considering that, the hive is doing well. I was able to feed one of the hives but couldn't get to the feeder in the other hive as I checked the hives by me self. Unfortunately Don was not up to par. Our youngest son came to visit us over the new years holidays and our granddaughter had a terrible cold and Don got it. So when he is feeling better we can work that hive together. Don made some blanket boxes for the hives this year and they are working beautifully. They kept the hives warmer and I found very little moisture in the hives. Living where we do, we get a lot of rain and moisture from due and fog. This can cause the hives to mold if not taken care of. The blanket boxes had pine shavings in them. The bee's looked healthy and were very active. I was very happy to see this, I guess I am just a worry wart. Sorry there are no pictures, still working those glitches out. Hopefully we can start adding pictures soon. We still need to get the mason bees in and cleaned up before spring starts. We need to wash them up and then put them in the fridge for safe keeping. When spring comes we can take them out of the fridge and put them in the box so they can hatch naturally. When spring hits this year we hope to have a happy bee farm....


  1. That is always good news, as bees have so much going against them these days. Our big problem here is the cold. I had hives for a while and loved having bees. I'll be looking forward to following your success - and can't wait to see those blanket boxes!

  2. I will try to get a picture of the blanket boxes when spring comes and we can remove them from the boxes safely. They really did help this year...made me very happy....