Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year. Mine started out good. I found the key's that I had lost last Thanksgiving. My car key's, house key's, and post office box key. What a wonderful sight it was when I found them.
Then the next day, yesterday, guess what. The peacocks that we had gotten and lost came home. I was so tickled.

We got the peacocks last month. They had been given to us and we wanted to try to get some for our little homestead. So we got one peacock first, then we decided to try to get a peahen for him.
We talked with the person that we got the original peacock from and they said they could get us one.
Well, the day we got the first peacock, we brought him home and right away we let him out. Off he went never to been seen again. So a couple of days later we got another pair. Brought them home and left them in the cage for a couple of days, thinking that it would be better so they could relax and see that we weren't going to hurt them. A couple of day's went by and I let them out. They stayed around for the day with the chickens and then that night off they went. Never to be seen again. UGH. We found out that they had taken up residence at our neighbors house and he was feeding them.
Well yesterday morning when I went out to do the chores, low and behold there was the peahen. I was so thrilled. Then yesterday evening after I was done with the chores here comes the two peacocks. They were all three still here this morning when I went out to do the chores. So I feed them the food that they were use to getting from the original owner's. Hope they stay around this time.
The Lord sure is good.

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