Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well today was set aside for taking care of the Bosc pears that came off of our tree. We started peeling about noon.
 When we started we had one and three quarters of these crates. I didn't think to grab the camera in time.
 These are Bosc pears, with a russeted skin. They need to sit in cold storage for a while and then out in room temperate for a week or two before they ripen.
 Janice washed and then we placed the jar into the oven on heat to sterilize.
 They sure looked good in the jars, hope they taste as good as they look.
 With Pears like most fruit, you only cold pack can them. In other words they don't have to be pressure canned.
I tried several times to get Janice to turn toward the camera, but she wasn't having it. Here Janice was filling the jars.


  1. I love canned pears! Especially because they do not have to be pressure canned... Looks like you will be enjoying them for quite a while!

  2. I like them as well. We actually had two and a half crates full. This is the first time that this particular tree produced for us. I did threaten it last spring. Guess it worked.