Sunday, December 22, 2013

Calf Barn

This is the area that our oldest son had ready for the new calf barn that we were going to build.
So this Saturday our son and his daughter got started on the barn. They arrived at 8 AM and got right on it.

They were still going when the sun was going down. He wanted to get it finished by the end of the day. So they worked tirelessly the whole day.

Our granddaughter also worked very hard, helping by cutting wood and being the runner for our son getting the material or tools he needed to finish the project. Oh and lunch too.

 The picture below is the view that the calves will have from there barn. Are they spoiled or what.

They got it finished and our son got the feeder put in on Sunday morning. I think it really looks great.

Our youngest granddaughter really wanted to pet the calf. She walked around the calves for quite a while trying to pet one.

Her older sister caught one and held her for her to pet. They just love the animals.

Kaitlyn finally was able to sneak up on Petunia and pat her on the  head before Petunia ran off. She wasn't satisfied with that though.

 Tash on the other hand still had a hold of Rosie and loved on her. I think Rosie was loving every minute of it. By the look on their faces it was a mutual love.
They posed very nicely for this picture. Happy as can be.

Mean while, Kaitlyn was still determined to pet the calves more. We finally had to call her and tell her that they weren't interested. She finally gave up.

Well I guess the calves really enjoy their new home. They took right to it.
Now all I have to do is get it painted. I have two other grandchildren coming to visit for Christmas, maybe I can talk them into doing some painting for me.

Life on our little homestead can be very gratifying and I love it here.

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