Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Progress on Block Wall

I was finally able to start work on the block wall again yesterday. The rain has finally decided to subside for a while.
I made good progress as I got the base row finally complete to the point at each end I will slightly start to make a bend.

At the top of the row we have some filberts planted and need to get them weeded very badly. So I will be working very hard to get this wall up and back filled. I then want to get the weeds cut back and pulled away from the filberts. Then I will take cardboard or news paper (very thick) and spread around the trees and fill with compost. I do that to help stop the weeds from coming back so soon. I plan on putting a soaker hose down first with a short piece of regular hose connected to the faucet so all I have to do is turn it on and off as needed and the filberts will get watered.

As I was headed back to the house after taking the first two pictures I noticed my Jasmine is full of blooms getting ready to open. This is the first time it has been this full. Exciting for me.
Hope everyone has a great day and may God Bless each one.


  1. I would say a lot of back-breaking work went into that block wall - but it sure looks nice. As much as my place tends to lean towards the hillbilly style, I sure do appreciate neat lines. Your place looks wonderful.

  2. Susan
    Thank You. There was a lot of work, mostly by Janice, and I really like the looks also.