Saturday, June 8, 2013


This weekend was very busy. Our eldest son and his family came to visit and assist us with some stuff around the place. Of course it broke my heart when Kaitlyn spent a lot of time playing with Grandpa.
Specifically two spots on the main floor ceiling where the shower had leaked upstairs and damaged the main floor ceiling. Our oldest son is a good builder and knows that kind of thing much better than Janice or I. While here D.J. also helped out with stacking Blocks in the wall Janice is building.
 The Peonies are really looking nice and since Janice and D.J. worked over the yard so does it.
 We are still going to need a few of pallets of blocks to finish this wall and the garden in the center of the yard.
Today D.J. and some of his family are in Brookings, one of his long time friends has Cancer, and D.J. is building him a wheelchair ramp into his home.
 Natasha is becoming quite the horse lady and Flash is really liking the extra attention. This is his second grooming of the day.
 Dancer was being especially good for Janice today and she is loving the attention also.
 I wasn't able to get the camera before they left as I helped them tack up.
 I thought Flash was going to go into the paddock when they returned the first time but he was just headed for the trail again. 
Janice and Tash went for a second little ride.
After Janice helped D.J. haul some wood down to Brookings, Natasha came back to spend the night with us, so her and Janice got the horses ready and went for a ride. They both said they enjoyed themselves and the horses were wanting to go as well. I could really tell Tasha really liked the ride she was excited and talking about 40 miles a minute.


  1. What beautiful weather you had! Your place looks so lovely - that stone wall is so nice. I envy you your horses, but I don't have the room for them.

  2. It's really a shame you don't have room for horses, as they really become partners, forming a strong bond. The Arabian (Dancer) is Janice's horse and was a rescue. Flash is my horse, and a registered Curley. I paid for him, but he was in a not so good situation also. One of my Grand daughters claims him as hers.
    Thank You for stopping by!