Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updates and More

We had such a beautiful day today that I went around the yard and took some pictures to update on some of the projects we started earlier and some new ones.
Below, the strawberries that I planted earlier this spring are starting to grow really nice. I think the new cage is going to work pretty well as far as keeping the unwanted critters from nibbling on them.
I can hardly wait for the strawberries to start bearing fruit now.

As you can see, the bee hives are ready to go and waiting for the new inhabitants to arrive. We put some cinder blocks down with two 2 x 10's on top of them. Living on the hill side you do what you have to to make things level. 

Also, with all the rain we get, hopefully this will keep the hives out of the water and dryer for the bees. This winter we will have to put up some sort of wind block until the plants that we planted around the inside of the fence grows up enough to block the storms.

Our next project in the stacking block wall at the back side of the area that Don leveled out earlier this spring. You can see the blocks piled up behind the area we will be building the wall. We are just waiting for the weather to dry out enough to start the project. Will take more pic's when we are finished. It shouldn't take us too long to do once we can get started.

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