Saturday, June 25, 2011


The first place we go is to the Blue Berry patch. Currently only 8-10 plants hopefully expanded to about 30 soon.

Next we check out the Apple situation, looks like we have some apples forming, we have only four trees producing now. we have more little trees and hope to increase those numbers also.

Now lets take a trip to the greenhouse where we find baby carrots, pepper plants (2 varities), Beets, cucumber plants, watermellon plant, tomatoes, green beans, 3 kinds of basil. You will see beans planted at the base of the corn so they can use the corn as poles to climb, the cucumbers are on a trellis behind the beets, carrots pretty much everywhere, basil line the front of the beds.

The cages for the Tomatoes and for our Peonies are made from Livestock panels, we found the commercial cages to be worthless. I will have finish this tour later as it's time to milk.

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