Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animals up for Adoption

Two of the foster animals arrived, the Nanny goat, "Patches", and the Ram "Butch". Both of these are a joy to be around, we have been able to trim their feet without trouble. I think the shelter is checking about shearing for the ram, Butch. We don't have the Pygmy Goat buck yet as he is at the vet being neutered. If you are interested in any or all of these animals call the Curry Animal Shelter at 541-247-2514.


  1. Wendy Valentine is checking to see when she or her brother will be in the area shearing, so you can get Butch done. She charges $6 for rams. She is interested in him, I will take her a picture Sunday when I go with her to Black Sheep Gathering...

  2. I am sorry to any others that may have been interested in either of these two animals as they have both gone to good homes already. You may want to keep an eye out here as we are on the list as foster homes for the local shelter. Thank you for looking.