Sunday, September 6, 2015


This weekend our eldest son and his wife and two of our grandchildren came over to the coast. While here our son got the bug to work on removing wood from the pond, which he worked very hard at all day.
It's a little funny, but we had all of the visible wood removed by the end of last summer, then winter filled the pond and a whole other batch of wood showed up on the surface of the dry pond bed. 
This was only one of the many loads he hauled out and onto the burn pile.
Sorry about the platform bird feeder at the bottom of the picture.
Some of these loads were quite a bit of wood at once.
When looking at this picture remember that the hill is steeper just above the burn pile, so about only half the pile is showing.
So when I took these picture and when D.J. quit pulling wood, many more loads of wood made it out of the pond. 

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  1. Now why wouldnt he volunteer - it looks like fun. A boy on a toy.