Sunday, March 15, 2015


This post is just because I am happy to have my functioning welder back.

My first project was to weld up a crucible for melting softer metals. I had a shell from an old permanent magnet motor. I set it up in my power hacksaw, to remove a step at the end. Needless to say I need to pay more attention to setup and getting a square cut on a tube that has to be rolled because it's too big for the equipment being used (the ends of the cut didn't meet).

I searched my scrap bin and found a 5/16 in brace I had built for our old deck, and then salvaged when the deck was replaced. I checked the size and it would work for the bottom. This brace was an L shaped piece with gussets welded to strengthen the bend.

I removed the gussets and ground a clean surface. After some grinding on the motor casing they seemed to mate pretty well. I ground a bevel on the edge of the casing, clamped the motor casing to the clean surface of the brace. Time to weld. Oh no wire not feeding, ok, got that fixed, now the weld is porous. Check all of the gas connections, ok, all hooked up correctly. Now weld, wow you can not imagine the good feeling to star getting a good bead.

I still need to use the cutting torch to cut the shape of the bottom I want. I also need to locate, drill, tap, and install lifting ears at the top of the crucible. Then to plan and execute the devise for moving the hot crucible.

I will have to add pictures to this later as our camera decided to go haywire. Sorry! 

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