Saturday, May 17, 2014


I had to take a couple of pictures of my Azaleas. They are in full bloom now and are looking really good. I just love them. Can't wait for them to fill out a bit more.

The garden above is filled with Hostas, Ferns, some bulbs (can't remember what they are) and the Azaleas. When it is growing it really fills out the bed. Love it. The two big ferns are native to where we live. In fact the one just above the big Hosta is still in its original place...

This garden is the one with the Metafile and Azalea together. There is some Heather growing on the ground like a ground cover that is starting to bloom again for the second time but the grass is blocking them. I really like the colors that this all brings together. Guess I better get the lawn mower out and do some trimming. Ugh, maybe the horses instead....yeah that's it...

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