Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bees, Bees, Bees

What a wonderful sight to see the bees out today. The sun was shinning and the temperature was about 58 degrees in the shade which means it was about 60 to 65 degrees in the sunshine.
I had walked by them a little earlier and saw them out and about, flying like crazy gathering pollen that is still available.

I saw some of the bees so full of pollen that they could barely get into the hive through the openings that they have available. The green hive in the middle and the one on the end are regular bees. The one in the middle are Carniolan's and the one on the end are Italian's. Both of these hives are doing very well right now.

The middle hive in the above picture and the hive in the picture below are two hives that we split this summer with two new queens. They are suppose to be the hygienic queens. We are trying to get these hives going to help produce bees that will clean the mites that effect the hives on their own. These two hives are very weak but still doing very well considering they got started late.

I am hoping that all the hives will survive the winter and go great guns next spring. I have them strapped down because we get some pretty strong winds here and I wanted them to be stable.

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