Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well the horses have been getting exercise lately. Our Neighbor Andrea, and Janice have been riding Flash and Dancer twice a week for a while now. This ride was the first after Dancer and Janice's wreck on Saturday.
Saturday was not pretty, Dancer was being a little (expletive) and ended up rearing up, loosing her balance and falling back over Janice. I was soooo very happy Janice was not injured, and also sooo very proud of Janice getting back on and then making Dancer obey and even go on the trail for a short ride.
Dancer was pretty fired up when Janice first mounted, but Janice said she settled down as soon as she was on the trail. Janice admitted later she was shacking inside with fear but was able to contain it. Wow, what a display of courage.
Andrea has been riding Flash lately, and states he is extremely sure footed on the trails. Although he is the most tender footed horse she has seen, and she was raised on a horse ranch.
When they returned from this ride all was well and they seemed to enjoy their ride. This was a decisive ride for Janice and Dancer, as anything else would have meant Dancer was to go by the wayside. It really would have been a shame as Janice really, really loves her, and Dancer has a very strong bond to Janice as well..

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