Friday, December 9, 2011


Today we brought home the horse formerly named Nelson, who is now called Flash. A friend, Katherine, was kind enough to pull a trailer up to Coquille to haul him home for us. At first I was thinking, UT OH, he might be a problem as he was a little difficult to catch. But then he loaded very easy and hauled home without too much sweat.

When I led him out of the trailer he was immediately interested in Dancer, who was standing in the pasture. We took a minute and let them be introduced over the fence, before I led Flash up to the corral. Janice rode back to town with Katherine and picked up our truck. While she was gone I fed a couple of flakes of grass hay to Dancer and Flash. He started to eat like he hadn't eaten in a week.

 It pleased Janice and I to no end that Dancer and Flash are getting along so very well.
 Flash, as I said before, is a Bashkir or Curly Horse and by looking at his coat you can see why. According to the breed description on line (the one I found) states that the very fine mane and tail hair that is very kinky is preferred. Flash doesn't have a mane and tail, he has dread locks.
 I took the photo below so you can see his curly coat. During the summer his coat will be more smooth like any other horse, but his mane and tail will remain curly. The title of this post is actually his registered name.

After she returned home, Janice took the grooming stuff out and started grooming Dancer. After Janice finished with Dancer I took the curry and started working on Flash. He really liked the attention and brushing. He really needs a bath, especially his chest and belly, as they are pretty caked with mud. Flash really seemed to enjoy us scratching at the caked on mud. I now think he will be an in your pocket horse. He is still a little shy when you go to get hold of his halter, but is already worlds better than when we picked him up.   

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